Cairokee Empire Cancelled at Last Seconds

After months of preparation for their biggest concert yet, and after massive advertising and media coverage and over 14,000 tickets sold, Cairokee announced on their Facebook page that their concert was cancelled.

Cairokee Empire was supposed to be a series of concerts that Cairokee organized from A to Z and they were supposed to be 100% made like how the band wants it and imagines it without any interference from organizers or sponsors. The first concert of the series was going to be held on Friday, December 8th in Cairo Festival City Mall, and it was so big that the event was sold out in a venue as large as CFC.

Earlier on there were spreading rumors of ISIS threatening to bomb the concert, but it was soon denied by Amir Eid, Cairokee’s lead singer.

Till now nothing has been confirmed about the reason why the concert was cancelled, and whether it has anything to do with those rumors about ISIS or not. We now await further clarification from the band about what happened and what it means for Cairokee Empire.

Stay tuned to be updated with further information.