Egyptian cashier gets brutally beaten in Kuwait

Egyptian supermarket cashier who lives in Kuwait got beaten by a buyer in AlShweikh district yesterday the 5th of December.

Wahid Mahmoud Refaei, an Egyptian who works at a market in Kuwait was in the Medical Intensive care after being beaten by a buyer for still uncertain reasons. Sources say the buyer initiated a fight because Wahid said: “It’s our lunch time”.


The Kuwaiti authorities had arrested one of the perpetrators and searching for the other criminal is still ongoing. A Facebook page was able to obtain footage and post it online, making over 250,000 people watch it in less than 12 hours. It seems that Wahid was hit by a huge battery on the head while being forced on the ground (which was later confirmed by him).

According to AlMasry Alyoum, The reason behind the fight was a disagreement around fixing the buyer’s motorcycle, when Wahid didn’t agree on what the Kuwaiti asked as it was his lunch time, the man replied: “I’m a Kuwaiti and you’re going to do what I say.”

The Egyptian Ambassador and Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Egyptians said that the Egyptian consulate has sent representatives to the hospital as soon as they received the news of the incident to check on him, as well as the Egyptian consul in Kuwait.

Another video posted online on Wednesday noon showed that, fortunately, Wahid got out of the ICU at the hospital he was transferred to. He was questioned by some reporters and gave full details to his story of the incident. He mentioned that the guy who attacked him “looked drunk” and that he was “a hefty, bulky guy.” He went on to confirm that he received visits from Egyptian officials as aforementioned.