What Does the Murder of Yemen’s Most Important Figure Mean?

After 33 years of being president, and a couple more of endless wars with everyone, Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by rebels of his former allies, The Houthis. According to CNN, they were able to get some footage of Saleh’s dead body but the footage was not verified. Saleh was trying to flee to Sanhan when his house in Sanaa was under Houthi siege after he had announced he was changing his alliance with the Houthis, and although Houthis seem to confirm his death, Saleh’s party still denies it.

Saleh’s death will mark a lot of events and changes in the future as he was one of the most important figures in Yemen’s civil war and he definitely had a leading role in the conflicts between the Houthis and the surrounding Gulf countries.  It is actually really hard to tell in whose favour this incident will be, but Houthis definitely seem to be happy with it as they’ve called for celebrations to be held today in public squares of Yemen.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has made a comment on public TV following the incident saying: “The people of Yemen will make their aggressors regret their actions”, but none of the other countries has made any comments about what happened yet. What does this mean for Saudi Arabia, The UAE and Iran? How will this murder change the future of those countries and what will this mean for the Houthis?

One can only hope that things don’t escalate badly. May God have mercy on Saleh’s soul.