Egyptian Police Detain Former Minister of the Interior Habib Al Adly

Former Egyptian interior minister Habib Al Adly has been arrested after being absent from attending his sentencing in a trial over corruption charges, two security sources stated on Tuesday.

Al Adly, whose iron-fisted command of the country’s police helped fuel a 2011 uprising that impeached longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak, was arrested in Cairo, lawyer Essam al-Batawy said. State television also reported Adly’s arrest.
On April 15, 2017, Al Adly should have attended the final hearing of “the trial for corruption in the Ministry of the Interior”, along with 12 former senior officials of his departments. However, Al Adly did not appear in court and has been missing since then. The rest of the accused were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to seven years.

Since April, security forces have tried to stop Al Adly with the aim of serving his sentence. However, given the impossibility of locating the accused, the Central Prosecutor’s Office in Cairo was asked to consider El Adly as a fugitive.

Egypt’s state news agency MENA earlier reported that Al Adly had been located, but did not disclose his location or whether he had been arrested.

Al Adly, who has denied the charges, is due back before the Court of Cassation, Egypt’s top civil court, for an appeal in January.