6 On-Screen Couples That Were Obviously Toxic

Toxic and unhealthy relationships are real, that’s why there so many on-screen relationships that makes a clear idea about these relationships. Many of these couples get so overhyped, to the point that some people ignore how unhealthy they are, and often romanticize these unhealthy relationships and call them goals. Here’s a list of some on-screen couples that we definitely shouldn’t have loved:

  • Taymour & Shafika


This couple was so overhyped! Everyone was so fast to admire this relationship and romanticize the idea of having someone to love since childhood. But looking back at the movie and taking a further look on their relationship, it was so unbelievable and unhealthy. What kind of goals is it to have a man that is so proud of his “Si El Sayed” attitude, and never admits he’s wrong? Is that even possible that he wants his woman to have her life revolve around him without encouraging her to pursue a career or be successful?

  • Assem & Ahlam (7ekayat banat)



By every meaning of the word, this one was so toxic. Assem and Ahlam were so on and off since their very beginning. Assem’s appearance in Ahlam’s life, getting closer to her, letting himself in, saying all the things he shouldn’t have said, being half-there, and selfishly and with no clear reason disappearing like he did nothing, then re-appearing again, without giving her a real explanation to everything he did.

  • Hanya & Aly (Ta7t El Saytara)


For some reason Hanya and Aly’s pictures were captioned #RelationshipGoals. Everyone was so taken away by the idea of a little girl loving an older guy from town, and trying all the new things together. How on Earth did many of us believe these were goals? These two were combined together with their addiction and love of drugs. Let’s be real, would these two would have had a better relationship if their addiction didn’t stand in the way? Would they have been responsible enough to work their relationship?

  • Aya & Shady (La Totfe2 El Shams)


Most of La Totfe2 El Shams’ couples were so toxic. Everyone went like “who wouldn’t want a Shady as a friend in her life?” The friendship was fine, but how Aya took their friendship for granted was so selfish. She friend-zoned him, fell in love, got married, cheated, messed her life up, and yet she always wanted him to always be there. Then later decides to admit her love to him, long after he finally figures out how to manage a life without her. Isn’t it so selfish to always want someone there, but taking them for granted when they are?

  • Ahmed & Mai (Sabe3 Gar)


These two chose not to be together, then years later when they meet again and however he’s married with a kid, they can’t help but get back together. I can’t be the only one that is mad about those posts romanticizing them. It’s obvious how they are irresponsible concerning their feelings and choices, which unfortunately aren’t only about them, but have a lot of pain to cause to other people as well.

  • Youssriya & Ibrahim (Ahla El Aw2at)


It’s not the first time we’ve came across a married couple that no longer working on their developing their relationship. Their differences on how they define love made working on their relationship kind of very hard. It was obvious how unhealthy their marriage was when it came to the point where she asked for his care.

It’s obvious how we get so interested into fictional relationships in movies, shows or books. But so bad how often we end up loving some relationships that aren’t healthy or give us a false illusion of how we should define real relationships. At the end of the day, each one of us has a complete different set of mind and opinion, but can we really just stop romanticizing toxic relationships or making them the new goals?