Study Finds That Reading To Yourself Aloud Improves Memory

According to a study at the University of Waterloo in Canada, speaking out loud to yourself helps you remember things better. The study found out that the effect of speaking and hearing oneself has a strong impact on memory. “When we add an active measure or a production element to a word, that word becomes more distinct in long-term memory, and hence more memorable,”said Colin M. MacLeod, a professor and chair of the Department of Psychology at Waterloo, who co-authored the study with the lead author, post-doctoral fellow Noah Forrin.

This study compared four different learning techniques; writing information while reading silently, hearing someone else read, listening to a recording of oneself reading, and reading aloud in real time. Ninety-five participants were tested and the results showed that those who read aloud to themselves were the best at remembering.

This reflected that memory benefits from it being personal. That being said, students are advised to read text out loud when studying as this can help them recall information better.

The next time you have something to memorize, you know what to do!