Ex Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq deported from UAE

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has arrived in Cairo hours ago after being arrested and deported from the United Arab Emirates, according to his lawyer.

A source close to Shafiq told Reuters that he had been arrested at his home and taken by a private plane to Cairo. This comes a week after Shafiq announced his plans to run for presidency.

“We were about to leave to travel to France. They came and took him. They deported him in a private plane. They said they will deport him to Egypt” says Shafiq’s daughter May.

Earlier on Wednesday, Shafiq said in an exclusive video aired on Al Jazeera channel that he had been prevented from leaving the UAE. “I was surprised to know that I am prevented from leaving the UAE, for reasons that I don’t understand and I am not willing to understand,” he said in his statement.

But the Emirati minister of state for foreign affairs denied those claims in a series of tweets later on Wednesday, saying that there were “no obstacles” to Shafiq’s departure from the UAE.


Shafiq has been living in the UAE since ex-President Mohamed Morsi issued an arrest warrant in the aftermath of the 2012 election on corruption charges.