6 American Filmmakers Who Followed The Steps Of Mohamed El-Sobky

Regardless of how you view his productions, you won’t probably rebuff Mohamed El-Sobky’s remarkability that manages to steal the show every once in a while. However, the immense criticisms his films receive drift people away from the fact that his tendency to regularly make an appearance in his flicks was adapted by several filmmakers in Hollywood, which, in a parallel universe, might have inferred an influential impact. Thus, we highlight 6 American directors who made it a habit to star in their movies, following the steps of the affluent Sobky.

1- Quentin Tarantino

Despite the enticing violence his pictures speak of, Quentin Tarantino always makes sure to materialize in his plots, whether through his visual portrayals or auditory voice-overs narrations.

2- M. Night Shyamalan

He’s the filmmaker who repeatedly messed with your head in his dazzling psychological thrillers Split, Signs and The Sixth Sense, and he’s also the insignificant mutual character such films featured.

3- Tyler Perry

You may be familiar with his over-the-top depiction of Madea’s feminine character, but what may have flew under you radar is that Tyler Perry is the sole director, writer and star of this movie series.

4- Eli Roth

Through his unique meld of bloody horror and intense thrills, Eli Roth has made a name for himself as a filmmaker, and also as an actor due to his several on-screen contributions in his own projects and in other directors’ films as well.

5- Edgar Wright


Prior to this year’s Baby Driver, Edgar Wright has already been known for his World’s End English trilogy that supervised his artistic breakthrough, and briefly featured him on screen in Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead.

6- Kevin Smith

In addition to his rich filmography as a director, Kevin Smith’s persona also encompasses plenty of appearances that featured him as Silent Bob, which aided his presence in his own films to be quite effective and cherished by audience.