10 Young Writers Tell The Story of How They Started Writing

All writers around the world – no matter how great they are now – were not born with pens in their hands. They all started out with nothing until they had a reason to start writing that made them continue doing it. As a magazine, we value both writers and people who love expressing themselves through words, so we asked 10 writers about how they started writing and what made them start in the first place.

“I started writing at the age of 12. It was all random; my diaries, feelings and how my days went. I didn’t show anyone anything and I kept it all to myself until I realized writing was the only way I could express my feelings and now, it’s the only way I zone myself out.” ~H.A

“I used to write randomly to myself, and then I stopped for several years and one day I got this really cute notebook that I left empty because I liked how it looked. Until one day I took a pen and started writing some short pieces and poems until I realized I had only 10 pages left. I showed my writings to my bestfriend and she was the one to push me to publish them online. After that I started writing more professionally and adjusting my small pieces to bigger ones.” ~F.E

“Writing was a form of escapism to me at first, but then with time I grew in love with shaping words into something worthy enough.” ~S

“I used to write to my grandfather after he passed away. I kept writing to him for several years, then I started reading novels and I wanted to write my own. Things later evolved until I started my own magazine.” ~F

“As a kid, I loved poetry so much and I was convinced I was a good writer myself. I used to write stuff like ‘I love my friends because they’re fun’ and for some reason, I was convinced that it actually rhymed. That encouraged me to read a lot of light poetry until I read ‘The Secret’ and I loved its idea and later on I started loving football and I decided that I want to write about it and that I want to become a football journalist.” ~ G.K

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but what actually made me start writing was a heartbreak. I then started writing letters every day to document my feelings as an outlet.” ~P.E

“I first started writing because of an awesome dream I had that I needed to document on a blog before I would forget it. I liked it and I kept writing on that blog for several years. Now, I like to write to get all my feelings out or to contain it all in. It calms me.” ~M.M

“I began writing when my teacher gave me motivation because she liked the way I wrote essays. She would point out the mistakes I did to encourage me to be better and to improve myself. I think I learned a lot from her and since then I never stopped writing.” ~M.A

“I started writing stories about four or five years ago. I honestly don’t know how I started for real, I probably got some idea from my day-to-day life, which I then thought “why not make this a little more exciting and write it down?” and since then my stories evolved from dreamlike kid stories to something… Weirder? But maybe deeper too.  I think writing is healthy like it challenges your imagination while you’re also using your language, often in different types of language and genres. I often talk to myself in third person.” ~ R.M

“In general, I imagine myself in a gloomy/sunny day where there are a lot of clouds in the sky but the sun is still strong. I stop time around me and make my mind talk. This is what I used to do before and that’s how I started because I didn’t have any friends, so I made my mind my friend and I made it talk to me. He was my only friend back then and I kept taking notes of what I was hearing.” ~ W.F

Share your stories of how you started writing with us in the comments and let us see how you turn words into art.