Words can be as effective as actions

We all do agree that actions speak louder. Yet, have any of us thought of how words can sometimes be as effective?

When you love someone and you guys end up being together, which is one of the best opportunities the world can give to a person, you think of every detail and you just thrive to let the other person believe what you actually have in your heart for them. It’s either by the words you say every night before you sleep or every small act of love you do when you give some extra effort to the relationship. Not merely showing your love is what you look for at such times, but also being certain that this person loves you is as well needed. All that you focus on at the beginnings is do they actually feel the same? and how can I show more love?

The thing is, as easy as it is to fall for someone, it’s exactly the same effort to show this love. It’s not some mathematical calculation of what that person likes or what does he/she needs, it’s just how you want to show this love that matters. It’s never so hard to reveal what your heart is holding for others, it’s only the obstacles of proud, hesitation or dithering that blocks the way. When you love someone, do not hesitate, never think twice whenever you know that what you’re going to do or say next can make their day.

Words can be super effective, no need for flowers, helium balloons or some decent decorations to just say “I love you”. Sending your partner a morning text every day or a call to just say I miss you, is never a rule under the shoulds and shouldn’t in relationships. The words you say for no specific reason and the cute texts you may send on a new years eve that you’re not spending together, all that matters. A few words would successfully prevail and play the exact role when actions cannot be done.

We’ve all been focusing on what to do for each other on birthdays or anniversaries but we never thought of what should we say, what words should be added on a card or write a nice text at the end of an other-worldly night you’d spent together. Words are an essential element in every relationship, saying the right thing in the exact timing is perfectly perfect. Not saying how you feel in a relationship because you realize that “your partner already knows” well sometimes they do not know, they may need some additional reassurance to move on. All of us need some certainty to keep going, and if some nice words would do the work, then say what’s needed to be said even if it appears to be uncalled.