One Word: P. R. I. O. R. I. T. I. E. S.

We all have a tendency to exaggerate. If something stresses us, we say ‘I can’t stand it anymore’. If something is funny, we express it ‘bamooooot’. If the mobile battery dies, we say it loudly ‘I can’t live without my mobile’. But hold on! You would notice that you could live just fine without this thing you think you can’t live without.

What do you do when your Wifi or your Internet package decides to kill your beautiful smile now while chitchatting with your crush?

What do you do when your “bestieeee” is not here anymore? I’m sorry to inform you but you will not die. You could peacefully drink your cup of coffee without being forced to hear him/her gossiping.

In a study, nearly 2,000 adults were asked to name the things in life that they couldn’t live without. Things like TV, mobile, social networks and bed were occupying the top places on their list, and mother, friends and so on, were listed at the end.

Apparently, you could live without that stuff you think that you can’t live without! You would continue your day normally without even having some side effects. It’s all about giving the surroundings their real value without exaggerating.

But there are some valuables – without exaggeration – that we cannot really live without or briefly we would suffer if they at some point came to an end. For example, the spirit that fills our homes with warmth and intimacy, our mother’s voice when she lovingly and tenderly tries to wake us up early in the morning, Family reunification in an occasion, a heartfelt gathering with your beloved friends or partners… etcetera.

Mostafa Ibrahim, the Egyptian poet, said :

واحضنوا الحاجة بضمير.. دا اللي فاضل مش كتير