RiseUp Summit 2017 kicks on the 1st of December

RiseUp Summit, being held for the fifth time, is an annual three-day entrepreneurship and innovation event that takes place at the Greek Campus in Downtown Cairo, Egypt. RiseUp has been known as “one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs in the region”. It started in 2013 to bring the MENA region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem together and in 2017, it was awarded “Ecosystem Player of the Year” given to an organization with the biggest and broadest impact in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by TechWadi.
Last year, the event was attended by almost 5,000 people who had the opportunity to listen to more than 200 international speakers from 53 different countries. This year RiseUp is back with its fifth edition that will take place on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of December.

The theme of this year’s summit is human experience (simply referred to as HX), with the following three tracks:

CREATIVE: The summit will be highlighting the role of creativity as the driving force behind innovation, shedding light on the importance of creatives and creativity in one’s business, highlighting the latest trends in the creative economy, and showing how one can embed creativity as a way of thinking in their company’s DNA.

TECHNOLOGY: Being at the center of how creative solutions work and spread, and how new technologies can be incorporated into your business to take your work where you want it to go.

CAPITAL: And how smart capital and human capital drive and scale creative solutions. Entrepreneurs will get the chance to become pitch perfect, discover when, why, and how to raise.

The Summit is bringing together the world’s top speakers on technology, creativity, and investment. From the most influential investors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, to the leading techies and creatives of the 21st century, the Summit stages will feature global industry and thought leaders here to share their expertise with the region.

RiseUp ticket gives the attendees access to talks, workshops, pitch competition, satellite events, entertainment acts and many more!

You can still get tickets for the summit here