Why hurrying up will eventually slow you down.

The world is moving at a breakneck pace and you’re struggling to catch up. Suddenly you’re 20, almost graduating, and your day starts so early in the morning and ends so late at night. You think to yourself: I am younger than I’ll ever be so this is about the time I go at full speed, non-stop. However, going at an overwhelming pace is neither mentally nor physically healthy. This theory does defy all rules of physics but here is why it is valid:

You do not take care of your diet/eating schedules.
School and/or work take up the biggest share of your time a day. Even after you get home there is still so much to do, so much you want to finish before finally falling into the bed. You’re so overwhelmed that sometimes you forget to eat at all or just wolf an unhealthy snack on your ride home. This can lead to serious health issues.
You’ll probably spend more time trying to undo what you have been doing to your body over the years of neglect, than you will, if you sit down, have a proper meal and eat slowly so that you allow your brain to stop you before you eat too much for only 3 times a day for a period of 10—20 minutes.

You are elevating your stress levels.
When you feel like life is going to fast, you tend to feel like you are losing control over it or barely hanging on. This, as you also probably have noticed, can cause a lot of unnecessary stress.
High levels of stress can wear you down and overwhelm you. You may frequently be in a bad mood, your productivity may decrease, your relationships may suffer, you may develop sleep problems, and you might even find it difficult to go about your normal daily routine.
Simply, try to do things you are doing slower. If you are moving quickly then just take a deep breath and slow down your pace when walking, driving and as mentioned, eating.
Also, try to dedicate some time for yourself: go shopping, exercise, do yoga, have long baths. basically, take up any activity that can boost your mood. Take in life around you a bit instead of focusing on setting a new speed record.

Your creativity will stop flowing.
If your mind is constantly bombarded with new information, voices, and sounds then it will be very hard to find room for creativity and for getting new ideas. Influences are good for creativity but an overload of input just makes you feel like your mind is overstuffed and like you are just trying to keep up with it all.
You need to shut down for a few minutes every day, just be there without much thought about what you want to do or about the past or future. Out of nowhere, a new creative idea will pop up. Just don’t forget to write it down and get on with your life. You owe that break to yourself.

You can easily get lost along the way.
As everything moves a bit too fast it is easy to get lost. If you don’t think about what you are doing then you can easily lose track of it altogether. For instance, you start writing a paper for a class but you end mixing it up with another paper for another class that is also due because you’re not focusing because you’re going at super-speed. You will eventually have to start all over and take more time than you would have taken had you gone slower.
So just slow down, organize your schedule, get your priorities in order and start taking care of a task at a time. This way, calm and focused energy and effectiveness replace the frantic and stressed energy of a mind that is going too fast for its own good.
This is not only helpful for daily decisions but for bigger decisions too. As you slow down it becomes easier to find a healthy perspective and to think things through in a clear and calm way.



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