Heneidy Challenges a WWE Superstar and He Accepts

Photo Credits: Ali Muhammed

On November 15th, the WWE superstar Triple H tweeted about his next match with Roman Reigns which is scheduled to take place on December 8th in Abu Dhabi, and all the WWE fans were so psyched about it and kept replying to the tweet to share their thoughts about the match.

But one reply, in particular, caught our attention. The king of Egyptian Twitter himself.

And funny enough, we weren’t the only ones to notice it.

Triple H replied to Henedy’s tweet accepting his challenge to face them both.

And as usual, as soon as this happened we headed to the comments section to watch people’s comments and people of Facebook, you never seem to fail us with your comments.

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Pick up on someone your own size Henedy… Adak da ya a5y?!