Top 7 Recommended Cooking Websites

As a food lover, I like to prepare my own food and maybe try some new recipes. Food recipes have been dramatically available as cooking books or TV shows back in the time, but now everything has been on the Internet. Luckily for us, for the sake of mobility, cooking websites have combined both the methodologies of books and TV shows and presented us with online cooking videos and readable recipes. So we present you our top recommended websites.

  1. Food Network

Food Network is a well-known TV channel that still runs to this day and has a lot of audiences. They offer a variety of recipes with their renowned chefs as well as of their running programs on TV.

2. All Recipes

AllRecipes is a food magazine that turned its activity into online business with famous recipes and precise ingredients.

3. BBC Good Food 

BBC’s Good Food website is a user-friendly website that offers a lot of features for its food-lover audience; foodie travels for those who love to travel and discover interesting cuisines; browsing recipes by cuisines for people who want to try different cuisines at home; search by ingredient to help you decide what you’d cook with your available ingredients.

4. My Recipes

My Recipes is a very friendly website provided for those who’d like to browse famous recipes for occasions and holidays, such as Thanksgiving recipes. Most important feature is how this website is for those who’d like to browse by cooking categories, like quick recipes or special recipes (Gluten free meals, healthy diet meals, etc.).

5. Kitchen Keys

Kitchen Keys on the other hand, is provided for those who’d like to browse by a different type of cooking categories, such as the main ingredient of your dish (Beef, chicken, and so on), or the type of course you’re offering for your family or guests (Main course, appetizers, etc.).

6. Fatafeat

We cannot miss a post about cooking recipes websites without mentioning our own favorite middle eastern network, Fatafeat. Fatafeat has been doing good as a network since its early start; going from free TV network to being a famous Magazine to launching their own website that features their recipes, and finally into being a part of the BeIN world. The website does not only offer food recipes of our Arabian cuisine but also offers recipes of foreign cuisines. It also offers miscellaneous features for women, like dresses; skin care recipes.. etc. You can always browse by chef, food component, ingredient, and more.

7.  Genius Kitchen

Genius Kitchen lets you feel comfortable while browsing through the website, they try to catch your eyes and heart by viewing the trendiest recipes and the newest. They also offer you to review their recipes with all honesty or ask all the questions you want.

We all love food, but only a few of us who love cooking. So for those out there who love cooking, we advise you try those websites when you cook your favorites or try a new recipe and tell us how it all went!