5 Signs He’s a Typical Eastern Man

Many girls have fallen in love with the perfect guy only to find out halfway through that’s he’s a typical eastern man. And even though the majority of eastern men are changing and starting to realize the importance of gender equality, some still just fail to let go of the Si El-Sayed personality. After extensive observation, we have reached to results that will help one spot a typical eastern man straight away.

1. If he gives judgmental looks

If you ever spot him giving the famous judgmental looks then you need to run for your life as soon as possible. Those judgmental looks have probably categorized you already. This guy probably has a mindmap where he categorizes women based on how they dress, talk and laugh. Believe me, you’re better than this.

2. Compares you to his ex-girlfriend

Girl, he will never be satisfied with what you do even if you have put all your energy to become a better person than she was. Like don’t try, he will forever carry the perfect image of his ex and most probably keep comparing you to her. This type of guys go further and start comparing you to their mothers and who knows which other family members you’ll be competing with, and you’ll never be enough.

3. Says the famous “Don’t hang out with any guys”

No excuses should ever justify this statement. This is him taking control over your life, soon enough you won’t be able to see relatives or friends, going out on your own won’t be simple, and he might even think that work is just not for women. You’ll feel like a prisoner. And believe me, if you ever tell him to not hang out with girls, he will probably start a fight with you for asking such a thing because “he’s the man”.

4. Gets jealous from the simplest things

He will probably start a fight with the excuse that he’s jealous out of love when in fact there’s no need for jealousy in the first place. He’ll make it look like he’s caring and that he knows how “every other guy thinks” because they’re all just the same. Come on girl, you’re smarter than this and he should just respect how smart you are!

5. Why do you have his number on your phone?

Here comes ‘jealousy’ again. What if he’s her classmate or coworker and the exchange of numbers happened for a good reason? Whenever you talk to him with logic, he’ll play the “I trust you, I just don’t trust other people” and he’ll just flip the table. Believe me, if he trusts you enough, he’ll trust your judgments and believe that you know how to stop anyone who thinks of crossing the line.

To conclude all of this, those typical men are all about possessiveness and having a say in everything that goes on in your life, they think of themselves as superiors and that’s when you know that you should run for your life!