How Social Media Can Help You Discover Your Passion

The world puts so much emphasis on finding out what you are passionate about so that ultimately you can have a purpose. You will hear celebrities saying things like “I have always wanted to be an actor. Ever since I was six, the cinema has been my favorite place to go” It might make you wonder, well what do I like? Your childhood was most probably typical so you do not recall devoting your time to one particular task – which is perfectly normal.

Now, it might hit you one day that you have never had a spark in your life or something that made you feel special. Your friends have suddenly been categorized; the sport lover, the aspiring pianist, the science geek and so on. You might question why you skipped this phase. You might even try to force yourself into one of these categories so you do not feel left out. During conversations, you find it rather difficult to speak about yourself because of your lack of self-worth.

There are so many ways that can help you get through this. First and foremost, you need to realize that it is okay to NOT know what you like. Take things easy! Just like you cannot force yourself to love someone or enjoy the taste of a certain food, you can not force passion. Passion arrives when you make room for it- when you treat it as a guest, not as a burden.

One of the easiest ways to figure out what you genuinely enjoy is by paying more attention to your social media accounts. Yes, you read that right! I want you to ask yourself these two questions every time you sign-in to your accounts.

Who do you follow online apart from your friends and family? What type of pages do you follow on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube? You can scroll through your ‘following’ page and find out yourself. Are they mostly health and fitness accounts? Are they news accounts like CNN or BBC? Keep that at the back of your mind (or write it down) while you get ready for the next question.

How do you feel when they upload something? When these pages upload, what is your first reaction? Do you feel eager to -for example- open an article about wellness? Do you feel interested as you read through? Well, there you go! You have just unearthed your passion for health.

We need to pay a little more attention to the little things that make our hearts beat a little faster – for these things can grow. Simple day-to-day activities can make you recognize your deep interests. Things as simple as scrolling down your Facebook, listening to people talk and even watching TV can help identify what attracts you.