What If Your Favourite Superheroes Lived in Egypt

Through our whole lives we’ve been watching superheroes save the lives of western people and never have we imagined what it would be like if they came here. So we have brought those situations into life to see what it would be like:
The Flash


Will always be at our service but he will probably get stuck in traffic, even the speed of light can’t save him.
Wonder Woman


She will come kickass here, maybe take revenge for all the girls mistreated, harassed, oppressed and heartbroken wanting to take revenge once and for all.

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Would probably be spending his day at the office pulling his hair out and at night would go sit at a cafe. He will come save us eventually when he gains all his taken energy.


Would surely love the nightlife here in Egypt and probably be saving us in the morning and at night partying till the next morning.

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the perfect savior but will probably be considered bad luck over here.


saving lives at daytime by working as a lawyer and at night time catching sight of the bad guys with his strong senses, that will most probably get blocked out by all the car noises at night and all the mixed up odors over here.
At the end of the day, we don’t need any help, we can always stand up for ourselves and gain motivation from all the superheroes through television.