Did Your Past Shape You Into Who You Are Today?

Yes, we have overcome the past with all of its obstacles, we have become better, we have even a higher social life. Our close friends are more honest than their predecessors. We love truthfully and sincerely we also hate. We feel more secure, and rarely fearful . The days pass by us without difficulties, or some we can overcome. But the thing is that those predecessors left their footprints on the sand of our shores. Not only their footprints, but also the sandy castles of hopes which they built when they wanted to add some fun to their lives while we thought they were serious..

It’s not only about what they left behind, but also how to overcome ourselves. Could we face the life better without feeling the pain of the past?

Time and patience will be needed .. You still didn’t discover yourself properly, so you shouldn’t rush anything before you do not know your true self.. You are wondering if your mental and emotional strength is as stable.. Rush always brings regret, increasing your inner pain and being more contradictory to your final goals.
Never forget to learn from your previous mistakes, to take advantage of past lessons, those lessons you paid for. Remember, the price wasn’t given.

Go deep through yourself, discover and analyse what you found. It is better than to enter into the infinite loop of an undesirable life you are not striving for.
And know that whoever found himself, achieved a self-fulfilment and found the right path to life, happiness and love as well.