5 Aspirant Egyptian YouTubers That You Need To Follow


Nowadays, YouTube became the irreplaceable online venue that we seek when aiming for quality visual entertainment. Consequently, this made us quite intimate with some YouTube channels and their content that we fervently anticipate. Thus, since it’s always nice to bump into distinguished YouTubers, we bring you five unique creators that are definitely worth your subscription as well as your time.

1- Film Gamed

Movie criticism has always been known to be a convoluted business that’s arduous for the masses to decipher and relate to. Such dilemma was up until Mahmoud Mahdy filled in the gap between critics and audience through his channel Film Gamed, where he delivers his take on what’s hot and trending in cinema, so make sure to stay tuned to his comprehensive reviews before planning your weekend’s movie night.

2- Mahmoud Ismail TV

YouTube is certainly infused with fruitful pros, but its finest feature would be its embracement to creativity, offering the platform for inventive individuals as Mahmoud Ismail to broadcast their thoughts to the masses. Through his video blog series, Mahmoud keeps on tackling several youthful topics through an intriguing approach that advantages from his vivid sketches, which really makes his effortful work worth the watch.

3- خلونا نتكلم كفنيين

Football is what most Arabic YouTube videos are centered on. However, it’s quite rare to stumble upon channels that exhibit such content in a pleasant and light-hearted premise, as is the case with خلونا نتكلم كفنيين. As surprising as it may seem, you don’t have to be keen on sports to enjoy their weekly publications, which significantly avail from the delightful appearance of the show’s host Youssef Osman, who you’ll surely recognize from his previous projects in cinema and TV.

4- Dameer

Doing covers for renowned songs has been a global trend that’s been going on for a while now, but it was Dameer who introduced innovative aspects to the Arabic orientation of such videos. Not only do they deliver riveting vocal and instrumental covers, but they also altered the standard visuals of such videos through their evocative setups that’ll keep both your ears and eyes hooked. So if you’re up for a sensational experience, make sure to check their content.

5- Cinematology

If you’re in favor of digging deeper into cinematic concepts and studies, you aren’t necessarily obliged to go through dozens of books and research papers, thanks to the enlightened content of Cinematology. Despite its infrequent uploads, this channel, indeed, sheds light on plentiful overlooked aspects via its thorough analysis, which will enhance your impending cinematic experiences and emphasize the beauty of such industry.