Want a healthy relationship? Here are some tips:

Almost everyone steps into a relationship thinking that it will magically work itself out, that everything will be rainbows and butterflies just because two people love each other, but that’s not true. Yes, love is magical, but does it only take love for a relationship to work? Not really. All relationships need effort from both partners, independently and together. So here are some tips to have a healthy loving relationship.

Communication: As obvious as it sounds, many couples still neglect communication although it’s the base of every relationship and the foundation for resolving conflicts. Knowing how to communicate properly is key for a healthy relationship; you have to know how to voice your needs and your feelings, bad or good, instead of sweeping issues under the rug.

Privacy: Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you must know every little detail about your partner or spend time with them 24/7, it also doesn’t mean you get to have their passwords or reading their phone. Everyone needs privacy, so you must give your partner some space.

Support: Creating a support system for your partner is very important. Be there for small and big accomplishments and offer encouragement through every step they take. In short, be your partner’s biggest fan.

Being Independent: Each person has to have their own interests and hobbies that are independent of their partners’, and each has to have their own time to do these things. If you always spend all your time with your partner, you will be dependent on them and your mood will always be tied to their presence or absence which is highly unhealthy.

Knowing yourself: In order to know your needs in a relationship, you must first spend time with yourself and know it well. You also have to constantly work on yourself and aspire to be better to be secure in your relationship and help your partner be the best version of themselves.