5 Ways to Protect Your Pets This Winter


We are halfway through November and Winter is almost here, and probably most of pet owners are concerned if their pets are warm enough. Whether your pet seems to like the cold or not, you should always make sure you are preventing the dangers of cold weather to affect your pet’s health. Here are five ways to protect your little friend this season:

1. Bedding


Choosing the right bedding is extremely important. Warm blankets and raised beds can keep your pet off the cold floor. Place your pet’s bed in a warm spot, away from windows and no-carpet areas, and make sure it is close to his favorite spot.

2. No Shaving Till Spring

Do not shave your dog/cat’s hair until winter is over because their fur is much like a coat that provides them warmth. If your pet is long-haired, simply trim the hair to minimize the hair loss or hair balls. You can find sweaters or jackets for some dogs that are short-haired.

3. Feeding

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Just like humans, they need to burn more energy to stay more warm. Feed your pet a little more on cold days and ensure they are hydrated enough. Dogs get dehydrated as quickly in winter as summer, so make sure they get enough water during the day, no matter how cold the weather is. Also, avoid overfeeding or less activity. You don’t want your pet to be overweight by the end of the season.

4. Heaters


You will often find your pet seeking for somewhere warm, especially cats snuggling around a heater. Letting them stay close to a heater may affect their health or result catching a cold. Avoid heaters, and find them a warm spot instead.

5. Walking Time and Bathes


If your pet is a dog, take them on their walk in the late morning or in the early afternoon. Let your cat out in the sun when the temperature is relatively higher. Not only because it’s warmer, but your pet will get their needed benefit of vitamin D from the sun. Also, try to minimize the number of bathes as much as possible. Use a wet towel to clean their hair, and only give them bathes on warmer days.

Let’s just admit that cold weather is such a harsh one, and the responsibility is higher for pet owners. Paying special attention to your pet’s well-being will help him stay safe, comfortable, and adorably wiggling their tail!