Art Has No Place: Fighting Centralization with Art

Art Has No Place is a campaign that aims to deliver the voices of all the unheard and oppressed artists everywhere among the different cities of Egypt outside Cairo to abolish centralisation. The choice of the drummer is symbolic for the neglected artist, the one who controls the tempo and has a profound role in the band, but who’s usually forgotten. Based on the words of the director, Hisham Ammar, in the video, we see an abandoned place in ruins, as a theme of imprisonment and failure; yet the plants blooming out of the cracked walls and damaged ground resemble the hope buried deep within the unheard artist.

The campaign became widespread under the hashtag #Art_has_no_place with a lot of enthusiastic, passionate artists featuring their art under this hashtag. Two paintings under this hashtag got featured in two different places in Alexandria; the first one by Fares El Seyagy in a place called “Beram w Sayed” and another painting by Hossam Ezzat in a place called “Shebak Mazloom”.

What is worth noting is that the whole team of the campaign has passionately put all their efforts for the sake of the campaign’s success; making it their only focus and aim. They successfully got the chance to work with the talented voiceover artist, Youssef El Tohamy, who was more than welcoming to offer his help all the way from Cairo. Along with the sound engineer, Ahmed Nader, who also offered to open his studio for them for a minimum fare of money. As for the talented drummer, Ahmed Mostafa, who is starring the video, and his band “تلاجة الموتي” they composed their first musical track as the official soundtrack for the promotional video of the campaign. This campaign witnessed a huge success and support from all around the cities in Egypt, especially the artists who wish to be heard and seen.
You can see the promotional movie through this link:

The team behind this massive success is:

Head of Campaign: Maha Mohamed
D.O.P/Director/Editor: Hisham Ammar
Voice Over: Youssef El Tohamy
Sound Engineer: Ahmed Nader
Camera Assistant and Lighting: Tasnime Mohamed
The Talented Drummer: Ahmed Mostafa
Original Soundtrack: تلاجة الموتي band
Marawan Barakat Ahmed Mostafa Walid Elmasry
Photography: Serag El Deen
Tattoo Designer: Taqi Elawwam
SFX Artist: Zeyad Elhadary
Storyboard: Salma Mahmoud