5 Myths About Post-Grad Life

While being a student in a senior year is something joyful, some people might bring you down with their futuristic insight on your post-grad life. So here’s a list of common things you might hear in your senior year:
1. College Years Are The Best In Your Life

It’s true that might find that college years are the most enjoyable part of their lives, but this rule is not applicable for all; some people are pressured during their college years. So as you might find something heavenly, some might find it hell.
2. You Leave Your Friends Behind

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Leaving your friends behind is not a mandatory action for “growing up” or joining the “professional field”; you might still be friends and work different jobs. You might also meet new friends at your job, or outside your work field.
3. You Have No Time In Your Hands

Time goes by so fast after graduation, yet it passes so slowly. You will have time to think about your future, to do things that cheer you up. Maybe during your college years, you had much time on your hands, but trust me, you have time as much as you plan to.
4. You Don’t Run From Your Harsh Superiors

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As you might think that you don’t run away from your harsh professors but end up with harsh employers, this is not entirely true. When applying for a job, you just don’t apply for a position with benefits; you are out there trying to find a fit environment to work in; with no pressure on you whatsoever. You are choosing a healthy place for encouraging employers, so remember to always pick a place where you’re most comfortable in.
5. You Will Be Depressed

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While this may seem harsh coming from people you know, it’s true as much as you want it to be. Depression hits you in your post-grad life only because you now have time to think of all the things you were busy during your college years to think of; of every time you were sad but your assignments and projects kept you from being sad because you had no time. The good news is, now you have time to finally resolve that depression; to get it all out of your system. Remember, it’s only true as you want it to be.
All in all, these are all myths you’re told. Life is as good as you want it to be; it’s seen from different perspectives, so never let anyone push their own perspective down on you. During your post-grad life, you have all the time on your hands to discover yourself all over again; to practice some new skill; to add to yourself as a person; to reach your inner peace, all of those while working on achieving your dreams. Do not listen to the people trying to bring you down, enjoy your senior year and know that a whole life waits ahead of you. Also, grab your popcorn and watch Post-Grad for more inspiration.



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