Yehya: A Renowned Egyptian Figure in The Late-Night American TV

Despite its regional artistic prominence, Egypt unfortunately lacks such notability when it comes to the matter of exporting local artists, and sharing our qualities with foreign cultures. Consequently, the mere presence of our stars in American cinema kept emphasizing the miniature leverage of Egyptians in Hollywood, with no proper representatives to pick up where the exceptional Omar Sharif have left off in his golden era. However, nowadays, cinema isn’t the sole path to influence societies, especially with the growing impact of televised content that did surpass theatric flicks on several occasions. Hence, it’s fair to infer that our presence is an unobscured one after all, thanks to guys like Yehya.

Yehya, or the celebrity-obsessed man as he’s publicly known for, is a delightful Egyptian character, whose traits are infused with lovable spontaneity. After growing up in Alexandria, he kicked off his job-hunting pursuit by setting his foot in Saudi Arabia, where he specialized in the plumbing business. Throughout the years, his quest for a proper living kept altering his paths until it ended him up inhabiting the United States, where he’s been dwelling for over thirty years. Through that interval, Yehya made sure to document his days amidst Hollywood’s stars, driven by his obsession with American art, which yielded more than 15 thousand pictures of him with every Hollywood celebrity.

However, things took a major turn for the better for him when he accidentally bumped into Jimmy Kimmel, who was intrigued by Yehya’s unusual hobby and supervised his first public appearance through his show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Following this, and after he successfully conveyed his joyous traits to the American audience, our man became a regular guest in Kimmel’s show, where aired minutes became entirely allocated for him to hilariously review movies, play games with celebrities and deliver red-carpet interviews as well.

At the moment, Yehya is considered the most renowned Egyptian in Hollywood, surpassing the diligent efforts of our stars Khaled Abo El-Naga, Amr Waked and Khaled El-Nabawy to attain a wider fan base there. In addition to that, his consistent presence in Kimmel’s show availed him with plentiful recognition, which kept boosting his fame in the US that it now tops the popularity of all Hollywood-centered Arab stars.

On a similar note, Yehya’s story can be quite inspiring, considering his pre-fame life as a hard-working individual, and how his passionate hobby impacted his life with unforeseeable escalations that are currently categorizing him among hotshot celebrities. Additionally, his humble appearance is a practical demonstration of self-reconciliation, for the fact that he was warmly embraced by the American society despite not being young, fit or even a fluent English speaker, so bear in mind that your unmasked self will always work its magic.

So if you’re up for some serious laughter, make sure to check Yehya’s appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel to acquire your playlist some utterly entertaining videos.