5 Arab Comedians That You Should Follow Online

Who does not love a little laugh every now and then? Your idea of comedy may date back to sharing corny pun jokes with your friends or watching a comedian actor – like Mr Ben- perform in a clumsy way.

With the evolution of social media, aspiring comedians are easily able to share 1-10 minute videos with the world to show off their talents and I’ve got to say- they have me in stitches. These following ones are worth checking out:

Mohanad AlHattab

Ka2eban mish za3lanah. #ka2eban

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Mohanad, a Syrian living in Dubai, he makes videos in both the Syrian and the Egyptian accent. He created a variety of characters e.g Captain Hassan and he films himself in different scenarios as these people.

Mohammed Tarek

An Egyptian living in Cairo, he makes videos about college, dieting, exams and sometimes he imitates a female voice talking about her boyfriend. He is also known for poking fun at Egyptians through videos of him singing popular Western songs in an Egyptian accent.  Over 300K people follow him on Facebook, maybe you should join them.

Bakri Khaled

A Syrian living in Egypt, he works as an actor, comedian, a voice over artist and a script writer at Ideology. Bakri is known for his outstanding talent that we first saw with Abo Hafiza, he then took the talent to social media and started a couple of video series like ‘El weekend ba3d sen el talateen’ and  ‘7ala2a fi wednak’, later, he got his own online show ‘Kabakeebi show’ and it’s just as good.

Marwan Younis

Marwan, an Egyptian living in Cairo, makes videos about day-to-day problems. The guy who studied architecture threw everything he studied aside and pursued his career in what he does best, marketing. He worked in some of the biggest agencies in town before he went on another adventure and is currently working on his acting career. Marwan got known for his series of ‘begad’ videos which started over a year ago, he then started showing his mom and showed us where he got his hilarious genes!

Amr Wahba

Known for his ‘Ngoom bet7eb masr’ and ‘El Mowazaf El Mesal’ Wahba is the mastermind behind almost every comedy show you watch and love! The guy worked on Abla Fahita, SNL, El Plateau and As3ad Allah Masa2akom as a scriptwriter. Recently, he started appearing on SNL as one of the main characters and we totally love it!

Check those accounts and have a good laugh. Science proved that it’s good for your health.