3 Organizations That Totally Make a Difference In People’s Lives

Life isn’t very easy for everyone, but for some people, it’s even harder. Being an Egyptian with a disability or some kind of sickness is very harsh because of one simple reason; we’re not educated enough to deal with such cases. Below are 3 organizations that are entirely dedicated to making life better for those who need it.


Helm is a non-profit organization that works hard to make the lives of people with disabilities better. They focus on including the disabled ones into the society and increasing their work opportunities. The organization tries to never let a talent or skill go to waste, and they also make sure that no person faces any kind of discrimination. Other than facilitating employment, Helm also focuses on making all public and private premises accessible for everyone. Their latest campaign featuring Ahmed Malek and Menna Shalaby aims to make the area around Cairo University accessible for everyone with disability and donating for this cause is a simple share, like and comment. So please, take the time and interact on this video as much as you can!



Ever heard of the very famous Make-A-Wish foundation? We do have an Egyptian organization that does the same, with much less funding. iCancervive is an organization initiated by medical students at Alexandria University. The students focus on getting the devices and medications needed for hospitals, but that’s not everything they do. They also give much attention to the psychological factor, they call for artists to color walls of the hospitals where kids are treated, they fill the rooms with toys and stuff to make the painful journey somewhat less painful, and if possible, they make the survivors’ dreams come true! iCancervive shares a list of their needs every now and then and whoever can help easily interact with them through Facebook, make sure to follow them and help the survivors and watch the videos they post, they’re inspirational but they might make you cry.


Esma3ny is an initiative started to educate people about deafness. It educates the families of kids who lost their hearing sense on how to deal and how to even help their children interact with the outside world with no hinders. With the help of Wadi El Nile hospital, Esma3ny tries to even do surgeries to make children able to hear. They go further and give the families and the children themselves the psychological support needed to face the society.

Please take the time to help those in need; it could be a simple donation, visit to the children, or even a share on Facebook. The simplest acts you do might have a great impact on their lives, so please don’t underestimate your efforts.