Down the road of finding the one; we are missing alot

Are we supposed to like search? Meet some new people after every breakup and fetch between their likes/dislikes looking for mutuals? Should we be looking for this one element we’ve been wanting so much to find in all our exes? And do we have to find the one?


Long down the road of finding the one, we’ve been losing a lot of our deep selves. In every story we live, we find some new flaws in people and fall into stupid mistakes that brings us back to where we started. Eventually, we change, we change the way we love because “this doesn’t work well”, and we change the way we initiate a relationship because “this is never the right way to start.” We follow the rules we created imagining a happy ending life at the end, we start slow and cool as possible but still, we fall into people’s eyes in a second and here we go. We never call after a date immediately, however, we still feel the same excitement when we make the call or when the phone rings. So, if we remained taking this endless road of calculations, are we reaching any destination at the end?

Maybe a relationship is not what’s destined for you and that’s never a scary thing to strike your heart. Instead of depending on others to attain your happiness, why not figure out the way yourself? The phrase “the one” definitely refers to the safe place you reach in life that makes you feel a noticeable percentage of satisfaction. Actually, there’s a lot of qualities in life that people neglect while searching for their lifetime partner, we never notice how awesome it is to find ourselves in something we love.


Here’s the thing, if you’re willing to find the one for you, then you better stop searching. You better stop switching between different personalities and faces to reach the ones that your partner would like and society would approve as an acceptable move in relationship rules. Keep what you’ve always owned and considered it special, no matter how much corruption this unique thing could cause, much more disasters would occur if you let it go. Just like how we see the good in people, try to reach the good in you and don’t let what you found so harsh in others’ hearts destroy this precious part of you.