A Homeless Woman Puts Her Three Children Up For Sale

Photo is courtesy of ElMasry ElYom.

According to ElMasry ElYom, 

Hagar Talaab, a woman in her 30s from Desouk, Kafr El Sheikh has put her children up for sale in the street, with a banner that read “3 children for sale, a child for accommodation, a child for medical treatment, and a child for food”.

Unable to pay the rent of their one bedroom apartment, Talaab and her disabled husband and children were forced out and left with no place to go.

She also mentioned that she appealed to the former city mayor, Bassiouny Zaid, who granted her family a small shop to live and work in but without any papers to prove their ownership. The city council then decided to sell that shop, forcing the family out, again.

Talaab explained that after the amputation of her husband’s leg, he was unable to work; and that this shop was her only source of income. Moreover, she also has one child who is diagnosed with a chronic disease and suffers from continuous and serious vomiting whom she cannot help.

She does not want money, only the accommodation for her and her family, or for the city council to withdraw the shop from the new owner and give her papers proving their ownership of the place, she says.