She really needs to talk: Lamiya Bashar, an ISIS survivor

Lamiya Aji Bashar, The Yazidi survivor from Iraq who delivered a powerful speech that unintentionally forced everyone to tear up and stand for her at the World Youth Forum on November 6th, 2017, at Sharm El-Sheikh, including the Egyptian president Abdulfattah El-sisi. Bashar, who is presently a distinguished Human rights activist, shared some horrors about being a slave for Daesh.


Bashar was abducted by Daesh soldiers when she was only 15-years-old. She was then sold as a slave in Syria in a place called “Souq Al-nakhasa”. At the World Youth Forum, she then added more about the story of how she was sold and treated.

Furthermore she uttered her many failed attempts to escape saying that every time an obstacle came over and made it impossible for her to get out of their hands. She then continued up talking about an incident that changed her life -and features- forever. She talked about the severe injury she got during her final attempt to escape.

Away from her attempts, Bashar stated that young girls of her age or even younger were being raped. She then demanded the world to take a step towards saving those young girls before it is too late. The painful story of Bashar confirms that there are at least thousands of more girls who are currently going through the same experience — including members of her own family, whom she was taken away from in her youth.

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She condemned the passive stance of the international community and she asks youth to help in making the world more peaceful by building a new open, understanding culture.