Alexandrian Heritage Days: one week to roam the streets of Alexandria

For the 8th year, Centre d’études Alexandrine- CEAlex (Alexandria Center For Studies) organises The Heritage Days Of Alexandria -an annual event which is prepared by CEAlex- Service Pédagogique in cooperation with other cultural organizations to strengthen the bond between residents of Alexandria and its heritage.

CEAlex was founded by a French archeologist named Jean-Yves Empereur, and the main aim to start such an organization was to spread the awareness of the heritage of Alexandria and to keep it original during its history of more than 2300 years.

CEAlex- Service Pédagogique was founded in 2003, a new section in CEAlex to offer different services to help researchers, develop scientific researches and to visit the historical places and landmarks of the city, by preparing several events along the year, to encourage youth and children to know more of their city.


This year in the 8th edition of The Heritage Days Of Alexandria, many activities, walks, shows and exhibitions are taking place from the 10th to the 17th of November; as following:


– Saturday 11th of November: a city walk titled “To Discover Kom El-Dika District”

– Sunday 12th of November: a visit and conference at the general consulate of Lebanon

– Tuesday 14th of November: a visit and conference at the general consulate of Spain

– Thursday 16th of November: a visit and conference at the American cultural centre and a visit and conference at the Swedish Institute

– Friday 17th of November: a city walk titled “Wabour El Maya-Stadium” -the stadium will open its gates for visitors to celebrate its history of 78 years

Streets For 2300 Years: Danial & Fouad, an infographics exhibition, one of the exhibitions which takes place during The Heritage Days Of Alexandria, the exhibition displays two of the oldest streets in Alexandria and the changes that have been occurred to them, the big events which started from them, during 4 different eras.


Note: all of these activities require no fees but registrations should be made online [deadline Wednesday 8th of Nov]

To register and know more, click here.