At Least 26 Died In The Texas Church Shooting And Trump Responds That ‘It’s Not a Gun Situation’

US president, Donald Trump, spoke after a man opened fire into a church in Texas leaving at least 26 dead.

Trump stated that what looks like the worst massacre in the modern history of Texas is not a ‘guns situation’, but rather a ‘mental health problem’.

“We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. But this isn’t a guns situation,” he said. “Fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction.”

“This is a mental health problem at the highest level,” he added. “It’s a very, very sad event.”

The attack came as Devin Patrick Kelley, a 26-year-old opened fire at a Baptist church leaving at least 26 dead. The victims’ age ranged between 5 and 72.

Motorist Johnnie Langendorff was driving near the church when he saw two men shooting at each other before the suspect fled off. He was then asked for help by a member of the local community.

Johnnie Langendorff
Johnnie Langendorff

“He was just a member of the community and he came to my vehicle in distress with his weapon. He explained very quickly what happened. He got into the truck and I knew that it was time to go.” Said Langendorff.

Johnnie has led the police to Devin who was later found dead. He’s been perceived as a patriot and received lots of messages of praise since then.

Kelly was once a US Air Force member, he received a bad conduct discharge, confinement for 12 months and a reduction in rank as he was involved in assault on his spouse and assault on their child.

This is not the first gun situation in the past couple of months in the US, a matter which got people concerned and they started calling for tighter gun laws more than once.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of such a horrific act.