Entrepreneurship 101: Struggles That Will Face You And How To Overcome Them

You get this brilliant idea and you decide to start you own business, that’s good news. Although everything looks easy and planned out in your head, the truth is that it’s not as easy as it seems. There will be more moments of self-doubt than there are of satisfaction. The downs will always outnumber the ups, however, the ups will always make you forget all about the downs. The point here is to keep going no matter how hard it is!

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the nonsuccessful ones is pure perseverance.

– Steve Jobs

In this article we’ll tell you some of the most common struggles that you’ll face in your journey to success and how to overcome them..

  • Finding a team

Your team equals your business. You need to find people who are so good to bring your idea to life. Gather a team of people who are even better than you, look for those who know how to get the job done but lack motivation and BE the motivation they need. The process is hard, but without it you’ll never get there.

  • Don’t be afraid of making decisions

I get it, this is all new to you. You probably have never managed a team before and you’re still learning how this whole thing goes, however, nobody knows where you want to get more than you. You shouldn’t be afraid of making decisions and taking calculated risks to get to where you want. Remember, nobody has ever reached anything without a bit of madness.


  • People will belittle you. Let them

Most of the people won’t entirely understand what you’re doing, some will even fill your mind with negative thoughts and they’ll put you down. You’ll hear a lot of discouragements, but what’s even worse is the people who will make fun of you. Word of advice; listen to them, remember their words, and use them as fuel to help you get there faster. Soon enough, the same people will be telling the story about how they met you.


  • Putting your name in the market with some of the strongest competitors 

Unless you’re inventing a new product and entering a niche market, you’ll face a lot of competitors; very well established competitors with very powerful names. To find your way in there, you need to create a very good brand identity and start exposing it to your target audience. Connections are a bonus here but they’re not mandatory. If you’re smart enough, you will win them along the way.

  • Mental breakdowns 

If anybody ever told you that the journey is easy, don’t believe them. They’re either liars or they’ve never dreamt big. At times you’ll feel that your whole dream is never going to happen, you’ll think that everything you built is collapsing in front of your eyes, and you’ll feel helpless. You can be the strongest person out there, yet, you’ll find yourself crying yourself to sleep at times. For this, you need a friend, someone who believes in you and can pick you up when you’re nothing but a mess! That person is the actual hero in this story, and nobody ever succeeded without them.


At the end, you’ll get there, and people will be talking about your success story. You’ll be an inspiration to others, just keep going.