4 New Fines For Delay in Extracting Official Papers.

The Civil Status Sector at the Ministry of Interior enforced four new fines for delay in extracting official papers, renewing the national ID card. The fines also included updating the social status and issuing a new ID at the legal age, as well as issuing a lost allowance in case of losing the ID card.

According to Akhbar ElYom, the fines stated as following:

  • A 100 Pounds fine for those who exceeded the age of 16 years and 6 months without issuing a national ID card.
  • 50 Pounds fine when 3 months have passed since the card has expired and left without renewal.
  • A 50 Pounds fine after 3 months when the marital status (marriage, divorce, widow) changes and the social status in the card was not modified.
  • A 50 Pounds fine upon the issuance of a replacement ID card once lost for more than 15 days.

Make sure you’re not in threat of these fines and pass the word!