The Never Ending Mystery: The Great Pyramid.

Scientists have discovered a new hidden chamber in the great pyramid as it was announced last Thursday.

Archaeologists found the void after a scanning process called “muography” using cosmic-ray imaging. It’s a process that picks up tiny cosmic particles known as Muons. Until this moment, no human has reached this chamber and nobody knows what’s the purpose of it. However, it’s a mystery for every archaeologist and particle physicist.


“Such a big void can’t be an accident,” says Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the non-profit Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute in Paris, who led the research.

The void is a 230 feet from ground level with a similar slope to the Grand Gallery below.

Scientists believe that such discovery might help them understand how the pyramids were build thousands of years ago.

“This is definitely the discovery of the century,” says archaeologist and Egyptologist Yukinori Kawae, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

The team carrying out ‘muography’ in the Queen’s Chamber  CREDIT: PHILIPPE BOURSEILLER

They came out surprised by this big anomaly, expected to detect the King’s chamber and grand gallery but they came out with this big announcement.

It’s so exciting to know that the minds of our ancestors are still a mystery to all the technological developments and scientists till today!

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