Principal of NELS Arrested for Raping at least 3 Children and Investigations Still Ongoing

Principal of New Egyptian Language School (NELS), Sherif Salah Beshry, has been accused of raping two girls and a boy in KG2.

The story started when one mother noticed the unusual actions of her child, and upon asking, he told her about what the principal has done. Later, doctors confirmed his story as medical examinations showed that the boy suffered from severe anal damages.

Later, two more girls came up and examinations showed anal damages and traces of sexual abuse on their bodies.

Families of the victims headed to the police station and no immediate action was taken. So, parents took care of the matter themselves and surrounded the school till police showed up and arrested the man.


The accusations went further as more children in other classes identified the principal as their Karate instructor; the children went on and told details about how he got them into his office and how he started to undress before raping and sexually assaulting them. It got further as one girl was even able to draw his genital organ.

With all the craziness going on, the school responded in the most provocative way stating that the next day is a ‘normal’ school day, a matter which got parents even more angry to the extent that they started considering transferring their children to other schools.

The story doesn’t end here as investigations are still on going. We’ll keep you updated once anything new comes up.

In the meantime, please teach your children that it’s never okay to get in a room or be alone with any person whether a relative or a stranger, teach them that it’s never okay for any person to touch them, and teach them to always speak whenever anything unusual happens.