Seven Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Sabe3 Gar’

The new series, ‘Sabe3 Gar’ which translates to ‘the 7th neighbour’ has premiered mid-October this year and it has been stealing spotlights since then. The series isn’t the typical Egyptian drama; the creators managed to find the perfect balance between art or drama and reality to create an atmosphere that we’ve never seen before. Below are seven to why you shouldn’t miss this series!

  1. Fresh faces


The show relies heavily on fresh faces. Over the last 13 episodes, we grew to love actors who are young but extremely talented; Sarrah Abdelrahman, Ahmed Dash, Ahmed Azaar, Hadil Hassan, Rahma Hassan, and everyone who took part of the show proved their undeniable talent. However, the surprise here is that director Amr Salama stands in front of the camera and he’s just as good at doing this. I bet that the cinema/TV industry will never be the same once these people take over.
2. The old generation

Adding to the young and fresh talents, the older generation also had a great impact on this masterpiece. Dalal Abde-El Aziz and Shereen are a duo made in heaven, and we just need to talk about Osama Abas’ killer performance, he will literally fill you with all kinds of different emotions that you most definitely need.

3. It’s relevant

This is supposedly a drama show, however, it’s realistic. You’ll find yourself somewhere along the stories and the characters. There’s no exaggeration and nothing that makes you feel like they’re acting. It feels like a simulation of real life and you’ll relate to it on a personal level.

4. The chemistry

There’s this chemistry and synergy between characters that is undoubtedly beautiful. Characters are linked together in different ways; you’ll like a bromance between an old married man and his young neighbour, the siblings goofily dancing around, the cousins and the lovers. They all just get along so perfectly. Bless the casting.

5. The decor 

The building where they live, the apartments and the whole set takes you back to family gatherings at your grandparents’ place. There’s something vintage and cheerful about the whole thing.

6. The humor

Mostly speaking about Fouad, Hend and Karima Bent Afaf here. However, the show has these light humorous moments that come from all the characters, you just laugh because you know that you’ve been in that situation at least one time before.

7. The vibes
Everything about Sabe3 Gar gives you some warm and cozy vibes. You end up feeling related to some of the character, you feel like you’re actually part of the family, something like the 8th neighbour.

You have a chance to catch up with Sabe3 Gar here before it returns back on Saturday. Give it a watch and you won’t regret it.