My college diaries: why I think people at college are more “dangerous” than people at school.

As my second year of college has started, and I’m almost done with my first semester of it, I’ve come to many realizations and the fact that people there are “dangerous” is one of them.

I used to usually hear that college is the place where all masks are worn, and I used not to believe it. It’s “dangerous” because most of your college mates aren’t actually the people they seem at all.

Even if your school experience was not pleasant, at least your schoolmates were known for what the are, which is something that is not there anymore when it comes to college.

In this place, you’ll find many types of people, and I’d like to give hints to any freshman out here in order to take care of themselves:

1- There will be people who will hate you for the mere fact that you think differently than them and will avoid you for it.

2- If you succeeded at anything, some people will try to drag you down and focus on your negative deeds only. Stay away from them

3- There will be those who are kind to you because they want something from you and will get away anytime. Don’t ever be too available.

4- Those who claim to be your “friends” and will find any excuse to leave as soon as they get bored.

It’s not easy to choose your people wisely, but being aware of these kinds I mentioned above, will save from you a lot of time and disappointments. But still, we cannot deny the fact that in this place you will come across some of the most supportive people you will ever meet, but they’re only to be counted on one hand.