Why 20 Is The Most Tiring Age

This time of your life is the time you get to see things clearly, put on show all the options and get to decide. Should I stay or let go? A question that stands in a situation of a life motto for most of us. The one we regularly use when struggles arise, when loads of hardships emerge from nowhere, don’t worry you’re just turning 20.


If you had the chance to hold on to your childhood friends; the ones you cherish in your hearts and never consider life without their presence in it. you are so lucky. Getting to start all over again in college finding the friends to keep for life is absolutely hard to figure out. Whatever makes you feel like quitting is the best solution, never use the same strategy with your childhood friends, they wouldn’t have stayed for such a long time and would have never been infinite. However, always be aware of the ones who pull you down, sometimes things could be around for years but come the day that makes you see things as clear as never before. And as we all know…



This age loves exploring! You’ll keep on chopping and changing from one road to another. Switching from one life to the other in minutes and trying to find what you love in everything you do. You’ll be abiding a numerous number of challenges to find this one thing you believe, you are good at. Seriously, not even for the future job title, but you’ll definitely be looking for your interests in every trend that invades the world.

Your family was right

Remember how you’ve always had struggles of how your mother is so stubborn or a bit over controlling in everything? Yea maybe parents should chill and set us out in risks sometimes but to be honest, you’ll eventually know they were right. You’ll see how your mother was all right from the beginning worrying about this exact friend. Maybe all your annoyance of the relationship advice seen as ‘old fashioned’ is not as ancient as you think and they really do work? Even giving you a forewarning before you take down the road for a trip that actually ends really bad till you get home? Just remember that a mother is always right. This time of your life you’ll realize how un-cliche this statement is and just then you’ll keep your mother’s words up your head whenever you enroll in anything.


Life partner

20 is the time you’ll see relationships way clearer and understandable. In our generation, you’ll be as experienced as a 30-year-old and more. To do and not to do would be the silliest things you’ll focus on. The ‘Naseeb’ word will come to life showing that your long 4-6 relationship you’ve been sharing with someone could be holding the time and memories luggage to move more than the future you plan. You may see the relationship a lot as unhealthy or a destructive one but never be able to leave, but eventually, you’ll take the right decision with your partner to move on or let go.

Your body

Better hurry before its too late. The age of the 20 is the “El7a2 nafsak” time. 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2016, so by the time you turn 20 you’ll be witnessing the body you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, better be focused on your health and nutrition issues more than before.


To give you the final words, as much as this exact number owned a picture of excitement and overwhelming life in our childhoods. It is hard, It feels awesome that you’ll be already given your driving license and one year away from officially being called an adult, but this too has its cons. Not everything comes as easy as we see it in our minds, Noah was right when saying “It’s never gonna be easy, it’s gonna be really hard and we’re gonna have to work on this every day..” but as much as he loved Allie, he had willed to accept the obstacles and move on. There may be no exact time for “Et3ab delw2ty 3shn terta7 b3den” but the one thing we should all know that we choose our happiness ourselves, we get to see all the tiring situations and turn it into an exciting phase in our lives, so remember among all these plans and to-do lists, is to live!