You’ll Never Miss An Event Anymore With Evenius App

Whether they were parties, live concerts, art exhibitions, movie premiers or science lectures. Most of us rely mainly on social media to find out about those events. Unfortunately finding out early about the events we want to attend doesn’t always happen, and sometimes you end up missing them. That’s why we need something to update us about events. That’s why we need Evenius.

Evenius is a new Facebook messenger bot developed by an 18 year old that informs you every time there’s an event near you. The bot asks you for your location and for the things you would be interested in. Interests vary from youth activities to computer science, health and fitness, culture & arts and more.

For now the bot only works in Egypt, but hopefully with time it’ll grow bigger to include more countries, and the cool thing about it is that it’s 100% free of charges. Just start the bot, share your location and interests and get ready to receive detailed information about all the events near you that were filtered to fit your interests. You never have to miss any special concerts or one-time rare movie screenings anymore.

Go start Evenius by clicking here and never waste your time sitting on your couch again.