8 Facebook Pages That Every Quotes Lover Should Follow

Isn’t it amazing, that someone somewhere wrote a line or two, and it described exactly something you were feeling or thinking of? That’s why I will always have something special for quotes. And since almost every one of us spends hours of their everyday on Facebook, we deserve some good posts between our scrolling to warm our hearts -besides memes, of course-. Here are eight Facebook pages that you definitely should follow:

1.  End Quote


Just imagine the combination of two incredible writers with their pieces on one page. Sabah Khodir and Mohamed Kassem making us wonder how can two people be this talented.

2. Bibliophile.


Sharing beautiful photography, inspiring thoughts and lines from your favorite books. Most of the photographs they share are so aesthetic.

3. Roadtrip


More than one million likes! Shahd El Hadidy kills the writing game with her beautiful pieces attached with superb artworks and photographs. It’s time to wait for a published book by her!

4. Fariedesign


This one is over the top! Architect and Conceptual Artist Farid Omarah blesses our timelines with creative and artistic artworks with a simple yet touching captions that leave us overwhelmed. http://www.fariedesign.com/

5. Cairo Mockingbird


A mix of incredible artworks and photographs, captioned with different book quotes, and sometimes poems that are worth reading.

6. The Artidote


This page definitely throws us some refreshing content to our feeds. I don’t know how, but this page seems to always know what’s going on with my life, and posts one great quote from a book that hits me.

7. Book Lovers


Perfectly perfect for every book lover. Everything you would love including quotes from your favorite books, book suggestions, book reviews and different people sharing their thoughts about writers and books.

8. Lines of Arabic


Because we almost forget how beautiful our mother language is. This page strikes with incredible lines in Arabic that make us wonder how on Earth can a language be so expressive and surreal?