6 Signs That He’s No More Into You

Probably most of us have been there, meeting that one guy who gives you all the feels and butterflies and you know he’s definitely into you. Shortly after he fasts the track and you think you’re getting into the mature stages of dating, you suddenly find him detaching himself and becoming distant without any apparent reason (from your own perspective). Instead of sitting down there wondering whether he’s still interested or not, here are some signs this guy is no more into you!


  • He doesn’t have time for you

 As engraving as it sounds, but if he really wants you, he’ll carve out time for you. No matter how busy he might be or how many miles between you both, he’ll always do whatever it takes just to be with you. So believe me, acting busy is never an excuse.

  • He consistently vanishes

 If he suddenly disappears for days without letting you know or saying a single word, then this is a subtle sign of disinterest. Why would he ever disappear unless he feels uncomfortable?


  • You never made it into his future plans

 When a guy makes it crystal clear that he’s into you, he starts planning his future upon you! The word “us” is uttered repetitiously during the conversation. So if he stops mentioning any future plans in front of you, then maybe he discovered this is not a long-term thing!


  • He never gets jealous

 You might have tried making him jealous to put him under a microscope! Even if he believes jealousy is an uncool act, a little jealousy is needed to spice things up between you both. So here’s the thing, if he never gets jealous, he’s never interested.


  • You’re a backup plan

 Never a priority. And if you eventually got the chance to hang out together, it might be after he’s done with almost everything and he doesn’t want to spend the rest of the day by his own. So here comes your turn as plan B!

  • No gestures!

 When a guy wants to make it obvious that he’s really into you, he starts displaying physical gestures before even saying it verbally. If he doesn’t/ stops doing things like facing himself towards you, automatically smiles once he sees your face or even trying to hold your hand, this guy is just not that into you!

 If these signs happen frequently, then it’s time for you to move on!