The Fine Border Between Shyness and Introversion

The struggle is real. How many times were you mistaken for the weird, shy kid when you actually prefer not to speak all the time. In an ever-talking, ever-laughing world, you feel like a martian because -God forbid- you have only said three words during an entire outing. People react differently to such situations. Some understand and others will literally ask you “Oh my God why are you so shy?” To which, I have no answer to because a) I don’t know? That’s just how my brain works and b) I do not really classify as a ‘shy person’ but rather an introvert.

Now the following examples will help you differentiate between between these two types of people who have one feature in common; they are quiet.

Shyness is a an emotion, introversion is a characteristic! 

Being shy means one is experiencing fear of negative judgment while introversion is a a personality trait that describes a person who gets his energy from doing solo activities. For example, Bill Gates is bookish and is unfazed by people’s views of him, he is an introvert but not shy. Barbra Streisand has an outgoing bubbly personality but also has horrible stage freight so this makes her shy, not introverted.


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Shyness is a form of anxiety, introversion is a choice!

Shy people will avoid social situations that require speaking up or giving a speech as it makes them terribly anxious. Others may choose not to participate in a conversation because they feel like they will not add anything to it so they stay quiet, this makes them introverts.


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