Asser Yassin Keeps It Real In His Latest Video And That’s Why We Love Him.

That’s what Asser said in his video collab with Mazen Yassin aka JustAGoProer. In the video we’ve seen a whole other non-staged side of Mr. Yassin in which he sang, gave out motivational words for his fans and last but not least, he might have done a magic trick or two.

He mentioned that he’s about to start shooting Torab Almas and that it’ll be his first movie ever to produce, which adds one on his list of talents.

torab almas

Oh, and if you ever watch a movie and find the plot maybe a little too appealing, check the credits because you might find Asser -himself- the writer as he just signed his first contract as a scriptwriter as he announced in his last video.

Also, we advise you to take our absolute favorite advice from Yassin and we quote him, “El-khof beygeeb wara lamoakhza”

Anyways, in case you missed the video, we’ve got you covered:

So tell us in the comments below if you liked Asser’s latest video and if you’d want him to do more of them!