#GoingSuccessful: Mazen Yassen from a resigned man to making a living out of his passion.

Recently we’ve been stumbling upon videos featuring some of our favorite celebrities being their natural selves in front of some Go Pro cam. Okay so we say Go Pro and the first thing that comes to our mind is –duh- JustAGoProer or as he is usually called outside of the internet bubble; Mazen Yassen.

Mazen is a 32 year old vlogger that started his journey in 2015 after he decided to quit his job. Yep you read it right. He’s the guy who couldn’t handle the routine mechanism of normal jobs. Woke up, resigned and lived it day by day to become the boss of himself –cheesy but true.

Yassen mentioned in one of his Q/As videos before that he’s always had a passion for photography. But what drove him to start GoPro-ing was the inspo he had from watching other folks document their everyday events and share it with the world.


Along 32 vlogs on his page and many other occasional videos, Mazen made sure not to miss a trip or an exciting event to share. From skydiving, to Euro-trips, to national trips, to random days around town! With over 45K likes on his Facebook page, the guy made a name to himself that even some of the biggest names like Pepsi and Danone did collaborations with him. Seriously, how cool is that?

The content of his videos changes but one thing never does; the vibes we get from them. You’ll find yourself washed with positive energy and at times you’ll even find yourself laughing or smiling at the casualty of the non-staged events.


The road for Mazen surely wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows after he took the resigning decision. It never is. Barriers and bumps are always around, but overcoming them and continuing what you started is what counts. Looking at where Yassen is now, we couldn’t deny that he could be an inspiration for many of this generation or even the older one to never settle for less than they want and to start now. It’s all up to you, and JustAGoProer is living proof.

Check out Mazen’s Facebook and Instagram for more coolness.

Oh and have a beautiful Friday people 😉