Restaurant/Bar Aeon hits the internet with a new VIP Party Campaign and we want to crash it

Somewhere between the streets of Heliopolis your eye catches a place around the corner where only the cool ones enter, what’s that? We’re talking about Aeon! One of the hottest restaurants/bars that is new to the H-district!

We got the sass and the extravaganza feels from the newest Carousel video release that gathered some of the coolest influencers and models in town in one private party. If you ever feel like the sass and fun in the Aeon campaign looks too real, it’s because it was an actual party and not staged, making this whole production a first of its kind in C-town!

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

What’s even better is the positive feedback Aeon is getting on its Facebook page:aeon 2

aeon 3

And then Internet Sensation Marwan Younis interfered with his Chef advice:


And in case Carousel -Media Powerhouse- rings a bell, it’s because their latest work was for the hottest song of the year Talat Dakkat. Yep they’re taking the market by storm, so you better watch out for what they’re cooking now.