#GoingExclusive: A Production House Based in LA Shoots Cairokee’s Latest Music Video, Layla

Cairokee, also known as the most controversial Egyptian band, has dropped its latest album ‘No2ta Beida’ earlier this year. And out of all the songs, there was one very cheerful and absolutely romantic song, yes you guessed that right, Layla!

The song Amir sang for his wife Layla was so cheerful that it got half the population screaming that name and the other half -every female obviously- wishing that her name was Layla.
That piece of art is coming to life now that Kitchen Films, a production house based in LA, decided to shoot it!
Cairokee who’s known for being an independent band combined forces with independent director Yassin Koptan and who knows what could those two forces produce!
You probably think that the name sounds familiar. Well, that’s because he’s the young skater boy Yassin that we saw with Khaled Aboul Naga in Microphone years ago.

After the movie, Koptan went to his way and studied directing and filmmaking in the US. He recently started Kitchen Films, and he decided to expose our favorite band to a whole new audience! Yup, LAYLA IS GOING INTERNATIONAL AND WE CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED!
The music video of Layla will be released soon, in the mean time you can have an exclusive look at the stills here.

And maybe a closer look at the behind the scenes as well.




And finally, check out the teaser we posted earlier today here.

Go follow Kitchen Films now and stay tuned for the big and totally unexpected thing! We can guarantee that you’re gonna love it!