The French Louvre is to open its branch in Abu Dhabi on November 11th

One of the most famous museums in the world, the French Louvre, is to open its branch in Abu Dhabi on November 11 after more than 10 years of signing the contract.

The museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, will open along with other 2 museums: The Guggenheim museum and the Zayed National museum on an island in Abu Dhabi, considered to be the future cultural centre of the United Emirates.

CP0905-na-louvre abu dhabi-03

The new branch of the French museum is completely designed by Jean Nouvel, with interiors that consist of walls reflecting the light of the stars. Nouvel wanted to recreate the lights that were reflected by the ancient Arab souks.

CP0906-AC-Louvre Abu Dhabi-08

More than 600 piece of art will be exhibited at the museum by various artists from all over the globe: from Van Gogh to Da Vinci to Manet to Cezanne.

There will be a “museum for children” in order not to be exposed to nudity.