Bakri Khaled Shows Us The Peaceful Side of Syria and It Will Make Your Day

Picture via Bakri Khaled's Facebook Page

Sadly, the name of Syria became associated to scenes of wars and blood in our heads, because that’s mainly what the media chooses to show. However, our whole perception changed when Syrian As3ad Allah Masa2akom star, Bakri Kabakibi, went on a trip to Syria and showed us the place through his lens.

Bakri used multiple social media platforms to show us some of the prettiest locations in Syria, a matter which made us just want to pack and go!

I found those beauties in my grandfather house in syria …. and they seem like brand new #vintage

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Tartous !! Ill miss u badly !! Thats a wrap for this beautiful city

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The pictures of a beautiful, colorful and peaceful place gave us all kinds of positive vibes needed. And everything we showed you is nothing compared to what Kabakibi shows his followers on InstaStories.

And one can’t mention Syria without remembering Shawarma and Toumeya, thanks Bakri for reminding us that we’re missing out on a lot of beautiful calories.

The rising star is known for his appearance with Akram Hosny in As3ad Allah Masa2akom, his Facebook series of El Weekend Ba3d Sen El Talateen and lately Meen Eli Kharam el Badla in collaboration with Sheraton.

Our hearts melted seeing the beauty of Syria instead of the destruction we’re used to. May this place be filled with peace for years to come.