Egyptian Animals suffer and you have the power to change

We’re all so busy thinking of human rights, democracy and liberty, however, there’s a whole aspect of the issue we’ve been so selfish to look over. We obviously turned a blind eye to the heroic teams out there that suffer each and every day to accomplish one goal which is to “Let the animals live“. As we hand scientists, inventors and professors with the most precious prizes for their superb intelligence, we never thought to have a glimpse over the ones who own a special heart rather than a clever brain.

Egypt’s Animal Rescue teams, the most underrated job yet the most tiring in a country that’s demanding a 24/7 strenuous effort to be able to create a safe home for every stray dog or cat. The teams create Facebook groups that accepts the ones who care enough to make a call for a dog or a cat that needs urgent support, they have a profile for the shelters contacts and ways of donations to help animals in need instantly. Once they receive information about an injured animal, they send the nearest rescuer to save and start asking people to donate to be able to cover the transportation to the shelter.

How do people respond? Notwithstanding the ones who say “Ma tenkezo el regala w el atfal el fil sare3 el awel” we’ll discuss these mentalities later, the rest of the people sympathise with the cases, but they don’t sympathise enough to decide to help them. These shelters need to collect more than 60K Egyptian pounds per month to cover only the food and the basic animals needs in the shelter, excluding the urgent cases that need to undergo surgeries and medical intensive care. Rescuers post daily asking for donations for cases who are guilt-free from being born in the streets rather than a comfy home and they’re often turned down . I guarantee that most of the donations these shelters receive are a foreign currency.

Another throbbing and expected issue would be that the adoption rate in our country is so low. People who have pets or adopters believe street dogs ‘balady’ are grim or cruel, but believe me, no dog is ever this way unless it’s a mental disorder.

Concerning the mentalities behind the famous sentence “Enkezo el nas el awel” , who on Earth told them that if a man needed help they wouldn’t offer? In Egypt, there are more than 2000 charity organizations for humans, some of which are very famous and receive thousands of funds, and an unrecognized few number of animal shelters. It’s not a crime to offer help for such innocent and helpless creatures. If you believe it is, then leave these ‘sinners’ alone.

“Looks like whatever the levels of prosperity and growth our country could progress, there will always be a long way down the road for us to reach the normal level of humanity.” says Abdo Jo the founder of CART; Cairo Animal Rescue Team.

Kindly take a minute of your time to watch rescue teams from and know when should we truly copy the foreign.

For Donations or Adoptions you can contact the some of the best shelters in Egypt; CART and ESMA

You can also join the rescue groups to contribute anytime you find a stray dog/cat in need: through the following links


CART “Cairo Animal Rescue Team” الجمعيه المصريه لإنقاذ الحيوان

ساعد و أنقذ حيوانات بلا مأوى Help and rescue homeless animals

Next time you see a helpless soul in need, you know what to do!